Gaming Cash

Use the gaming cash feature to use Mio Dio as a universal transaction medium across all gaming platforms for making in game purchases. Mio Dio will collaborate with multiple game developers to attain acceptability across platforms. Enter the pool in the defense of the ancients or simply buy a required infinity gem for upgrades. Gaming cash will pay for all your in game purchases. Giving the gamer an integrated space to make all the transactions using just one mode of payment.

Play more Mine More

Two of our flagship games will give you a chance to gain Mio Dio tokens through just paying the games and in turn mining the Mio Dio Coins. These games will also give you the opportunity to join the largest crypto gaming community and understand the cryptocurrency trade first hand. This is not just a game anymore. Gaming has become a viable career option and has the capability to grow as an industry by 3% quarterly.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is the future of gaming. Forget platforms or cross platform. Save and keep your games on the universal blockchain and access all the games where and when you like through the Mio Dio tokens. Enjoy interruption free gaming just a click away.

Transparent transactions

Make all your transactions on the Mio Dio gaming blockchain to make all your in-game transactions fast, safe and transparent. With our blockchain system never pay a single penny more on transaction fees to anyone.