Trustworthy Exchange

The users update the blockchain themselves making it a transparent mode of transfer which eliminates the risk of fraud and theft. No one can steal in this game. Every transaction will go through the gamer’s private key without which no payment can be made.

User empowerment

The user using the MIO DIO coin has the information and control over all the transactions made making the user more involved in the process. This is not just an RPG, this is Real time playing game where you do not just win game points, but actual points in the form of digital assets.


The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes your game account secure, as no federal agency or government can freeze or shut your account making it accessible anywhere and at any time.


The blockchain are updated by the users which is a public ledger creating a transparent structure. No changes can be made to the Blockchain. Any data or entry in the blockchain cannot be altered. Your games are safe on the Cloud gaming provided by Mio Dio.